★Design and construction of a four-storey building in the city of Riyadh for one of the military authorities, and it was implemented according to the agreed time period and within the approved budgets.

★Studying and designing a project to reduce floods and torrential rains using artificial intelligence, whereby high-precision sensors were used to survey the level of valleys and streets, and the implementation of a complete information link for the project to the relevant authorities in the city of Tabuk and the city of Al-Jouf.

★Measuring the proportions of harmful gases in industrial complexes and the streets surrounding crowded cities and linking their information to a smart network capable of giving early warnings of dangerous gases and directing road traffic and vehicles to safe places. in Mecca and Medina.

★Studying and implementing the consulting master plan for one of the giant projects in the city of Tabuk. With the participation of the best German companies specialized in strategic studies.

★Building and architectural works have been carried out in many cities of the Kingdom for self-build projects for citizens and government projects.

★Occupational safety and health projects have been studied and implemented in some sectors, safety principles and requirements have been developed, and the quality and efficiency of laboratories, factories and companies have been raised in order to achieve their conformity with international standards, various ISO certificates and OSHA international health organizations.